How to blend two videos together in Vidblend video blender app !!

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Description - How to blend two videos together in Vidblend video blender app !!

Vidblend - video blending app - Top Paid app in the AppStore, !!
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First of its kind, Vidblend is an easy to use video blending app with a powerful editor to help make your own personal video library.

Customize your own movie and share them with your friends.

Inspired by the concept of Fusion, we present to you multiple ways to mix and blend video clips right on your smartphones. Edit your video footage, add sound, voice and title over it. Enhance them further by choosing from unique filter fx.

▶Blend : Blend videos real fast
▶Edit : Powerful tools to make you the best movie maker
▶Share : Display your creations to the entire world.


All-in-one iPhoneography video app to mix movie clips -
▶Record your own movies or choose from gallery
▶Explore 20 unique blend styles to mix your videos
▶Use opacity slider controls to tweak the movie.
▶Save and share your movie with the world

▶ Normal: Default video blend.
▶ Darken: Displays darker tone.
▶ Multiply: It darkens the background video based on the dark values of the foreground video.
▶ Color Burn: Burnt out effect of the foreground video.
▶ Linear Burn: Extra darkens the blended video.
▶ Lighten: Lightens up the final video blended.
▶ Screen: Lightens foreground video based on light values of background video.
▶ Color Dodge: Color dodges lower video layer with the upper.
▶ Add: Gives overall brightened effect.
▶ Subtract: Displays a darkened mid toned video.
▶ Divide: Enhances bright areas of the video.
▶ Overlay: Multiplies the lighter color tones and darkens the darker ones.
▶ Soft Light: Displays soft tones.
▶ Hard Light: Multiplies dark video tones.
▶ Difference: Modifies the differences in color values of both the videos.
▶ Exclusion: It masks out the differences between the top and bottom videos.
▶ Hue: Changes hue of lower video based on the top video.
▶ Saturation: Changes saturation level of lower video based on the top video.
▶ Color: Changes the hue and saturation of the lower video.
▶ Luminosity: Changes the light value of the lower video.

Explore the following video editing features in the app -
▶Trim : Scoop out unwanted portions.
▶Display : Enhance video quality from here.
▶Reverse: Play your clip reversed.
▶Rotate : Rotate videos.
▶SlowMo : Slow down the video to create slowmotion effect.
▶Text : Add titles.
▶ Audio : Record your own audio to personalize your movie.
▶Sound : Add sound in the background from itunes.
▶Filters : Amazing filters to add a new look to your videos.

A great videomaker app to be shared with all -
▶Save your clip in your phone gallery.
▶Share them in different Social media platforms.
▶Mail personalized videos to your favorite people directly.

Find out more about Vidblend and our other apps at and follow us on Twitter @vidblend.
For any support please contact us at [email protected]