HOW TO MERGE (Combine) Your Videos UNDER ANDROID - Easy and fast - 2015

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Description - HOW TO MERGE (Combine) Your Videos UNDER ANDROID - Easy and fast - 2015

Foreword :

Shooting Videos is something , but making a nice little compilation of them for upload and share can be kinda challenging under Android , not because of the lack of Video editors , there are more then enough , but most of them are kinda buggy and crash more then they run I never did any video editing on Android.

However things are changing , with the powerful processors even the not so stable apps became better and the future is even more promising , because Google just bought a video editing company , and I know they did that to make Android more powerful in the coming future if it comes to Video editing , just like how Apple is doing it for a long time already with the popular fantastic app called iMovie.

About this video :
In this video you ail get to know "VIDEO EDITOR " by VIDEO BLUEAPP-
I give them the credits for being a great combiner , that will create good mp4 files , one can use in iMovie and popular video editors.

Is this App good?

Does it contain any Spyware ?
NO only a BANNER at the bottom.

Does it crash often ?
No it never , not even on my Samsung S advance
it does the job , and i would keep the screen open
and not let it work on the background , take the time to follow the complete process and put phone on Airplane mode so nothing disturbs the rendering , then it will go the fastest.

All credits go to VIDEOBLUEAPP for this nice software
well done guys and thanks for putting NO watermarks and other rubbish in the video - that shows your love for the user.
Keep up the good work and a BIG THUMBS UP from The Netherlands.

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